Funding & Support


EWEI’s projects are supported through partnerships and support from well meaning individuals and organizations. We require such support to enable us successfully deliver on our promises to empower and enlighten girls and women. We ask that you support this initiative and play your part in making a difference in the lives of girls and women in our nation.

Since 2008, EWEI has received the support of individual donors and partners to fund her work. This support has come from prestigious organisations like (Open Meadows Foundation, Generations For Peace and various commercial entities. EWEI has expanded her funding model to include active fund-raising events, all of which has driven EWEI towards a more cost-effective model that will lead towards more sustainable projects.

Please contact us for information on how to partner with us and support our work. Send us an email to enquire how to become a member and/or support our work.

Thank you!

You can support EWEI by:

  • Becoming a member or mentor. See membership guidelines below
  • Donating – See where your cash or value in kind support will go below, let us know if you want to support a specific project
  • Shipping us Stationery and Educational supplies (Notepads, pens, pencils, scientific calculators, etc.), new or used laptops, printers and cameras
  • Shipping us Books, and material resources in simple English, including visual aids on Health, Education and Income Generation (e.g., savings, managing your business, report and proposal writing, project management)
  • Editing support for EWEI online entries and EWEI NEWS articles
  • Writing an article and/or submit a photo for our blog
  • Liking, Retweeting, Engaging online through Facebook, Twitter. Spread word about us online
  • Submitting a one-page article written by you for our audience (and a photo)
  • Linking us to a donor or telling us about funding/support opportunities on any scale
  • Volunteering with us.


As at the beginning of 2014,  17,794 girls, women and youth have benefitted directly from EWEI’s work and partnerships since 2008. Membership is open to all.

You can become a member of EWEI is by filling out a membership form, a recommendation by two referees and a payment of a one-off token administrative fee of N500.00k (Five hundred Naira) only.

Please contact us by email to enquire about becoming a member or volunteering opportunities.

Project: Economic Empowerment Partnerships (EEP)
Type Description
Cash One woman to receive one month’s training in skills acquisition and basic materials to start her off a small scale business
Cash One day seminar for up to 20 women to receive skills acquisition training and advice for start off for their business
Value in Kind Ship us new or used (in good working condition) Laptops, Printers, Cameras, Sewing Machines, Bead making machines, Generators, Books/materials in  simple English and visual aids on Health, Education and Income Generation (E.g. savings, managing your business etc), stationery etc
Project: Educational Subsidy Programme (ESP)
Cash One girl’s school fees for one term and attendance at one edition of an Empowerment Seminar
Cash One girl’s school and exam  fees for one session( three terms) and attendance at three editions of an Empowerment Seminar and a few textbooks – a full year of sponsorship
Value in Kind Ship us new Stationery (Notepads, pens, pencils, scientific calculators) etc
Project: Empowerment Seminars (ES)
Cash One day empowerment seminar for up to 20 participants (girls and youth)  in life skills (leadership, management, social entrepreneurship, personal and reproductive health etc)
Project: EWEI NEWS
Cash 1,000 copies of one edition of EWEI NEWS  featuring articles on health/life skills/civic education/topical non-political issues, testimonials distributed in 2 States and Federal Capital Territory includes distribution costs
Value in Kind One paged article written by you for our audience and a photo, proof-reading our content and design layout
Project: EWEI Online
Cash Payment for website design and maintenance
Value in Kind Send us an article and photo for blog, edit our online entries, Like us on Facebook, Follow us and Retweet on Twitter, Engage with us on all online platforms and tell your friends about us so they can engage with us online; Spread the word online
Project: Civic Education and Participation for Women Project (CEPWOP)
Cash One day Town Hall Meeting (engaging with community stakeholders/decision makers on identified community level issues)or  Capacity Building on Civic Engagement and Advocacy for up to 40 women in grassroots community
Cash Production of information, education and communication materials (flyers  and posters) in local language for up to 100 persons.
Project: Getting Involved (GI)
Cash One day Getting Involved activity(e.g. Seminar, Field Trip) for up to 15 participants (girls/youth) raising awareness on topics around the MDGs (Poverty, Education, Gender Equality, Health, Environmental Sustainability and Networking)
Cash Getting Involved Community Based Service Project to be implemented by female youth. Project life span of 3 – 6 months including training/technical support. Project options include Sanitation, Supplementary Education etc based on community needs.
Project: Know and Say No (KSN)
Cash One day seminar for up to 20 women/government officials  to receive capacity building and institutional support on gender based violence this includes referrals and possibly free legal consultations
Project : Administrative Support
Cash/Value in Kind One year subscription of wireless internet service
Cash/Value in Kind One Capacity Building Course for Staff member
Value in Kind Ship us new or used (in good working condition) Laptops, Printers, Cameras, Stationery (Pens, Notepads)etc, Pay for relevant online courses for our staff. Areas of interest include Report and Proposal Writing, Strategic Planning, Social Media for Social Good, Project Management, Refer us to a donor or tell us about funding/support opportunities on any scale.